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General terms and conditions for repair service

General terms and conditions for repair service

Terms and conditions for repairing hand-held welding torches, automated welders and power tools.

To avoid misunderstandings over repair orders for electric hand-held welding torches and automated welders, we refer to the following:

1.) When returning a defective machine the failure must be described as accurately as possible. Where appropriate, the amount due for the repair should be determined immediately.  A proof of purchase must be included with warranty claims. Subsequent Warranty claims cannot be considered. All warranty claims are voided for machines that have been modified by the customer and foreign materials that have been added which are not the original parts from Forsthoff GmbH. Previously disassembled devices and machines will not be accepted for repair.

2.) We will inspect the defective unit or defective machine. They are generally disassembled.  The defects are reported to the customer along with a cost estimate. This cost estimate is a chargeable service and not binding. In case of a release of the cost estimate by the customer those charges of the cost estimate are eliminated.

The customer decides whether the device or the Machine

a.) Is supplied as a new device,

b.) Is Repaired,

c.) Is disposed of,

d.) returned without repair.

3.) We do not perform partial repairs for safety reasons.

4.) Defective machines being returned will be dismantled. In this case the charges of the cost estimate and the costs for the return shipment will be incurred, as well as packaging costs if insufficient packaging was used for the initial shipment. Should the machine require reassembly, the customer shall bare any incurred assembly costs. For safety reasons, the cable is removed so that the machine cannot be started. This may likewise be the case with externally intact transparent machines, if they do not pass the safety inspection.

5.) If no response to a cost estimate is provided within 6 months, we assume that the machine can be disposed of. The customer has no claim on the old part thereafter.

6.) By dropping off or sending a device or machine in for repair, the customer accepts the above conditions.


As of: September 1, 2019

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