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Vento-G – the efficient brushless hot air fan with a service-friendly motor and a strong air output of 480 litres/minute.

The hot air fan, Vento-G, with brushless motor offers a number of options with respect to the application where a flow of hot air is required for warming, heating, moulding, shrinking and activation.

Furthermore, the Vento-G also allows a high-performance permanent use in industrial processes, machines and systems without maintenance of the motor.

The Vento-Line, which the Vento-G device belongs to, is characterised by its brushless motors. With consequential optimisation of the active core elements of the motor and the use of modern individual cog winding, the power density is considerably increased in comparison to standard brushless motors

The simple and sturdy design of the device allows use solely as a hand fan as well as for installation in various production processes, machines and conveyor belts.

Nominal voltage range230 V~
Frequency range50Hz - 60Hz
Power 230 V 3000 W oder 3400 W
Output temperature20–700 °C, infinitely variable
Noise emission level< 70dB
Protection classII/   (double insulation)
Weight1.5 kg with mains connection lead



Data sheet Vento-G

Item No. 4030
Wide slot nozzle
70 x 10 mm

Item No. 4031
Wide slot nozzle
70 x 4 mm

Item No. 4021
Wide slot nozzle
150 x 1

Item No. 4022
Wide slot nozzle
150 x 10

Item No. 3064
Heating element 3000 W, 230 V

Item No. 3065
Heating element 3400 W, 230 V

Item No. 7012
Metal case

  • Plastics fitters   
  • Tank construction
  • Manufacture of ventilation pipes
  • Sealing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Conveyors and materials handling technology
  • Packaging industry   
  • Wine and spirits bottling plants
  • Painting and decorating industry
  • Printing and label industry
  • Automotive industry
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