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Hot air blower


High air output of 360 litres/minute, combined with a slim and solid design.

The Oval G hot air blower can be used wherever hot air flows are required for warming, heating, deformation, shrinking and activating. In addition, the Oval G comes with a slim, slightly oval-shaped handle which is very useful when using the hand-held hot air blower. The air filters are easily cleaned by simply removing them from the handle.

Carbon brushes with a switch-off device protect the collector and can be changed several times.

The Oval G unit has a heat output of either 3,000 W or 3,400 W 230 V or 2200 W 120 V. The constant and reliable electronics enable variably adjustable temperature setting up to 700 °C.

The double turbine system’s strong air current can be modified using various nozzle attachments so that numerous solutions can be offered with regard to the blower’s application.

The device’s simple and robust design means it can be used just as a hand blower and can also be incorporated in various production processes, machines and on conveyors.


Nominal voltage range120 V oder 230 V~
Frequency range50Hz - 60Hz
Power 120 V 2200 W or 230 V 3000 W or 3400 W
Output temperature20–700 °C, infinitely variable
Noise emission level< 70dB
Protection classII /  (double insulation)
Weight1.5 kg with mains connection lead



Data sheet Oval-G

Item No. 4022
Wide slot nozzle
150 x 10

Item No. 4031
Wide slot nozzle
70 x 4 mm

Item No. 4021
Wide slot nozzle
150 x 1

Item No. 3064
Heating element 3000 W, 230 V

Item No. 3065
Heating element 3400 W, 230 V

Item No. 7012
Metal case

  • For use in repair work shops for repairing plastic parts in motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • For incorporating in machines and conveyors
  • For use during electromechanical work
  • For shrinking shrink tubing and packaging films
  • For heating for the purposes of deformation of thermoplastic semi-finished products
  • For drying aqueous-damp surfaces
  • For defrosting frozen water pipes
  • For removing old shellac and resin paints
  • For activating and dissolving solvent-free adhesives and hot melt adhesives
  • For all types of drying and heating processes
  • For shrinking packaging films and mouldings
  • For separating and fusing synthetic threads and fabrics
  • For sterilising packaging materials
  • For removing plastic flashes and shine on plastic surfaces
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