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Hand-held welding torches


The easy to handle, lightweight and uncomplicated hot air welding torch for the tarpaulin processing firm.

Modification of the reliable model Quick-L-Electronic. Instead of the infinitely variable temperature setting known from this device, the Quick-L is equipped with two fixed heating stages with additional cold stage.

As the welding of tarpaulins, tents and awnings is often only carried out with one type of material and in one welding width only, an uncomplicated device equipped with heating stages is best suited for the processing firm.
The device’s heat output is adapted to the 20 mm or 40 mm wide slip-on nozzles required by the tarpaulin manufacturer.

- Heat output in conjunction with flat nozzle 20 mm: 900 W 230V
- Heat output in conjunction with flat nozzle 40 mm: 1500 W 230V

The motor’s commutator carbons can be replaced several times, thus facilitating a continuous operation of the device. The carbons are easy to replace from the outside, without having to open the device.
New! Our hand-held welding torches’ carbon brushes are equipped with a safety lock that prevents damage to the motor when the carbons are used up.

The tarpaulin welding device QUICK-L with versatile accessories to weld truck tarpaulins, tents and awning materials.

Voltage230 V 50/60 Hz or 120 V 50/60 Hz
Heat output    Depending on slip-on nozzle 900 W 230 V or 1500 W 120 V
TemperatureSwitchable in two fixed heating stages
Weight1200 g with 3 m connection cable
DimensionsLength 320 mm, handle diameter 52 mm
Electrical safetyII/   Double insulated



Data sheet Quick-L

Item No. 4000
Round nozzle, 5 mm

Item No. 4002
Nozzle, 20 mm flat

Item No. 4003
Nozzle, 40 mm flat

Item No. 4011
Insulating tube

Item No. 2000 
Heating element 630 W

Item No. 2004 
Heating element 900 W

Item No. 2007 
Heating element 1500 W

Item No. 7000 
Pressure roller two-armed, 45 mm

Item No. 6998 
Pressure roller two-armed, 45 mm, ball bearing mounted

Item No. 7001
Pressure roller one-armed, 45 mm

Item No. 6997
Pressure roller one-armed, 45 mm, ball bearing mounted

Item No. 7002
Pressure roller two-armed, 80 mm

Item No. 6996
Pressure roller two-armed, 80 mm, ball bearing mounted

Item No. 7006
Pressure roller one-armed, 45 mm, 45° offset (patented)

Item No. 6995
Pressure roller one-armed, 45 mm, 45° offset (patented) ball bearing mounted

Item No. 7012
Metal case

  • Car upholsterers  
  • Tarpaulin manufacturers
  • Tent manufacturers  
  • Canvas covers
  • Manufacturers of advertising tarpaulins
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